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Blepharoplasty without surgery

Basic concepts

Blepharoplasty without surgery or chemical blepharoplasty is a non-surgical technique to reduce the sagging of the upper eyelid skin, fade fine periocular wrinkles, raise the eyebrow, as well as reduce dark circles and bags and therefore, rejuvenate the look.

hyaluronic acid for eyelids-surgery
hyaluronic acid dark circles

Bags and/or dark circles

In the case of the treatment of bags or dark circles, and the lifting of the eyebrow, the injection of hyaluronic acid is the most widely used technique. On the contrary, to reduce the sagging of eyelid skin, as well as the fine wrinkles of the lower eyelid, we have a wide range of therapeutic options.

Dark circles are one of the most requested treatments. This is because, as a general rule, the periocular area is the first to age and lose its structure.

However, before treating dark circles, we have to be clear if our patient really has it, or simply refers to the tear groove that is present in all of us from birth. It can be said that the tear groove is a normal anatomical structure, which goes from the inner corner of the eye to the pupil. The origin of this is due to three factors: The eyelid skin is very thin, there is a very strong adhesion between the orbicular muscle and the orbital edge, and finally, it is a transition area from a thin skin to a thick skin. These three factors cause the tear groove to be marked. However, when the tear groove is very sunken or continues along the entire lower eyelid, it is when there is an alteration, and therefore, it is susceptible to treatment.

Hyaluronic acid in dark circles produces three effects:

1.It reduces the furrow of dark circles.
It slightly improves the dark colour of the dark circles, by correcting the sagging.
In very selected cases, the fat pocket can be reduced. Although in most cases, surgical treatment is usually required.

In certain cases, before directly treating the dark circles, it is necessary to begin by recovering the lost and displaced volumes from the surrounding area (especially the cheek). On many occasions, an improvement in dark circles occurs without having treated them directly.

Hyaluronic acid in upper eyelids produces four effects:

1.It lifts the eyebrow.
It clears the eyelid.
It provides volume in areas where there is a depletion of fat.
4. It corrects asymmetries.

Treatment with hyaluronic acid consists of small, deep injections, and usually lasts for about 20 minutes. The duration of the effect is 8 to 12 months, the improvement can even sometimes last longer. Although there are cases where it can also last less, they are usually very rare cases.

Other techniques:

Botulinum toxin, in addition to eliminating periocular wrinkles or crow’s feet, also serves to lift eyebrows, thus achieving a clearer and more rested look.

Cocktail of Vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid, injected with micro-injections, which hydrate the skin and thus rejuvenate the look. 3 sessions are recommended.

Injection of a plasma extract from the patient, rich in platelets and stem cells, which willstimulate the formation of new collagen in the periocular area, improving its quality and colour. 3 sessions are recommended.

The placement of polydioxanone monofilament threads on the skin around the eyes is used as a regenerative element of the skin, improving its oxygen intake, vascularization and density of collagen fibres. This produces an improvement in the quality of the skin and reduces periocular wrinkles that do not disappear with botulinum toxin.

On the other hand, to achieve eyebrow lifting, other types of threads are used, called traction threads. As their name suggests, these threads are capable of pulling on the fabric, raising the height of the eyebrow by a few millimetres.

Complete skin regeneration (Resurfacing) that surrounds the eyes. There is an improvement in the quality of the skin, restoring its firmness. On the lower eyelid, fine wrinkles are smoothed, tightening the skin. In the upper eyelid, skin retraction occurs , slightly reducing the excess that can become saggy over time.

It consists of the application of a chemoexfoliating agent in the periocular area. The exfoliating effect supports epidermal renewal, collagen synthesis and reduces the colour of the dark circles.

As a standard, it is recommended to perform 4 sessions with minimum intervals of 7-12 days. It is indicated to reduce the dark colouration of the dark circles, as well as to fade periocular wrinkles, thus improving the quality of the skin.

It reduces dark pigmentation in dark circles. It is indicated for light skin with dark circles, caused by an excess of melanin. As a general rule, at least 4 sessions are recommended.

Autologous Fat

Extraction of the patient’s own fat and the injection of it into the furrow of the dark circles. Thus, a long-lasting effect is achieved in correcting sunken eyes, as well as an improvement in the quality of the skin in the area.

“Having all the surgical and non-surgical techniques available to us allows us to choose which is the ideal technique or combination of techniques for each case”.

It must be the specialist doctor who selects the most suitable technique.