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The look is the joint interaction of the eye, eyelid, eyelashes and eyebrow, which gives everyone a unique and personal expression. Each look is different, so the treatment must be adapted to the needs of each person. The aim is to naturally recover our original look, always in harmony with the other facial features and, above all, to prioritize eye health.

Dr Lucía Payá will assess each case individually. Our commitment is to achieve the best result, ensuring that your eyes and your health are not compromised.

Eyelid surgery is a fine combination of art and detailed anatomical knowledge of the periocular region. The eyelids are closely related to the eye, being responsible for both facial aesthetics and preserving eye health.

In addition, it is important to ensure good planning for surgery, as well as preoperative and post-operative care. All patients will be given appointments and assessed, personally by Dr Lucia Payá, and recommended the most appropriate treatment. This is of vital importance, both for properly planning surgery and for detecting eye problems that could compromise treatment.

Dr Lucía Payá Serratosa

Dr Lucía Payá Serratosa has a degree in Medicine from the University of Valencia. During those years, she had the opportunity to study at prestigious international centres, such as the HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL in Boston (USA) and the ALBERT LUDWIGS UNIVERSITÄTS in Freiburg (Germany).

Subsequently, she specialized in ophthalmology, training in this field for four years at the Toledo Hospital Complex. It is here where she began to develop as a specialist in eyelid surgery.

She has continued to expand her knowledge in this field through stays in hospitals in various parts of the world. Being trained in different cultures and working methods has given her an open mind when it comes to putting her knowledge and skills into action. The following hospitals should be highlighted:

  • University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK.
  • Mediterranean Ophthalmology Foundation. Valencia, Spain.
  • Hospital for the Prevention of Blindness (APEC). Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Clínica Foscal. Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Over the last few years, she has combined her private activity with public health (Valencia General Hospital), performing both eyelid surgery (blepharoplasties, ptosis, xanthelasmas, eyelid tumours etc.) and eye surgery (cataracts, pterygium etc.).

She is currently a member of the Association of Young Ophthalmologists(AJOE), the Spanish Society of Orbital and Ocular Plastic Surgery (SECPOO), and the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Medicine (SEME).

She is accredited by the European Board of Ophthalmology examination Paris (France) and the International Ophthalmology Course FOSCAL Bucaramanga (Colombia).

She is also specialized in Advanced Techniques of Aesthetic and Laser Medicine by the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and Grupo Nisa (Valencia).

For more information visit his Linkedin profile or Doctoralia.

Dra. Paya Serratosa
Especialistas en blefaroplastia
Dra. Para Serratosa - Especialista en Blefaroplastia

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